UNINUM is an expert in the real estate market across Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), specializing in dynamic pricing and predictive business analytics.

Our unique experience is in implementing complex digital products and integrating them into the IT infrastructures of some of the region's leading property developers.

We are among a select few in the market who apply advanced knowledge in mathematical modeling, statistics, machine learning, and behavioral economics in our algorithms.
Business Areas
Business Analytics
Our company provides ready-made software products that utilize mathematical modeling, statistics, and machine learning. These offerings encompass sales forecasting, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and assortment management.
We specialize in developing data analysis, predictive analytics tools, mathematical statistics, and automating business processes in direct collaboration with the commercial unit of real estate developers.
Our deep understanding of the business processes of the real estate developer's commercial unit and unique experience in integrating the most complex digital products into the IT infrastructure of some of the region's leading property developers allows us to effectively implement digital transformation projects.
Dynamic Pricing
For Real Estate Developers
Highly accurate sales volume forecasting, effective price prediction for apartments, calculation of price elasticity of demand, and formation of product-price strategy.
The capability to predict the outcomes of presumed managerial decisions based on statistics holds significant value for the top management.

Our company has developed a series of distinctive algorithms and models that enable us to forecast the crucial business indicators of the real estate developer.
Pricing Department
The adjustment of assortment and price according to demand;

The formation of assortment based on sales velocity;

The segmentation of assortment based on customer preferences.
Marketing Department
The evaluation of customer acquisition quality;

The evaluation of customer retention methods' quality;

Customer segmentation and targeted offers.
Sales Department
The prediction of customers' purchasing readiness;

The evaluation of strategies to influence customer conversion and retention throughout the transaction;

Customer segmentation based on approaches to customer engagement.
Our Principles
  • Customer-Centric Solutions
    We design our products to directly tackle the specific challenges faced by real estate developers, whether explicitly or implicitly expressed. The linchpin of successful project implementation is a thorough comprehension of the task and the distinct intricacies of each customer's operational process.
  • Emphasis on Tangible Result
    Our products are tailored to align with the customer's existing parameters, offering a clear, quantifiable display of the impact stemming from customer data analysis. Additionally, our products dynamically calculate variations in outcome subject to different managerial decisions.
  • Streamlined Integration Approach
    Our products are designed for effortless connection to the developer's data sources, utilizing a minimal and predefined dataset for maximum efficiency. We ensure that the terminology is intuitive, and the process of integrating data sources follows standard industry protocols.
Distinctive Expertise
Our unique skill set, honed from integrating complex data products into the IT infrastructure of some of the most prominent construction companies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, can provide invaluable support in evading potential pitfalls and preserving vital resources during the design and execution of novel digital solutions.
Specialized Knowledge
We set ourselves apart in the market by harnessing advanced competencies in areas such as mathematical modeling, statistics, machine learning, and behavioral economics within our algorithmic solutions.
Business Acumen
Our focus is on developing products explicitly suited to the real estate sector. Over the past four years, we have collaborated with numerous leading companies in this industry, bringing fresh perspectives to conventional business operations with the ultimate goal of substantially boosting the overall financial health of your organization.
At Uninum, our hallmark is the pinnacle of precision in computations and the trustworthiness of our outcomes. During the development and fine-tuning of our algorithm, we meticulously processed data from over 250 residential complexes, encompassing 630,000 reservations and 210,000 transactions.
hours of analysis and accuracy verification of the dynamic pricing model algorithm
2,9 mln
customer stories processed by the algorithm
8,3 billion
data units processed by the algorithm
accuracy in determining the ideal price
Industry front-runners select us, as they grasp that real digital transformation isn't simply about mechanizing operations in Excel. Instead, it's fundamentally about making informed, effective management decisions rooted in data.

We deliver profound expertise and insight to our clients, aiding them in re-envisioning familiar business processes. Our goal is to bring about a substantial enhancement in the financial performance of their entire organization.
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